Aeries Gradebook Portal

Aeries Gradebook Portal is for students and parents to access teacher grade books, student grades, attendance, and other student information.
Directions:  Below is the hyperlink to the on-line Aeries Gradebook Portal.  If this is your first time registering, use the "Forgot Password" link to access a new account. 
Aeries Mobile App information

The Aeries Mobile Portal is a mobile app for Parents and Students to use to access Grade, Attendance, Contact, Demographic, and Aeries Communications information in a concise, mobile-friendly format. Parents, guardians, and students can use their preexisting Parent/Student accounts to gain access to their data.



The Aeries Mobile Portal Apps are available for both iOS and Android phones. For a basic overview please visit:


The newest Beta version for Android can be found here:


The IPhone app can be found here: