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Student Support Referral- English

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Referrals will be checked daily (on school days).

If immediate attention is needed, please call SYS Crisis:

Monday - Friday (559) 594-4969; After Hours: 1(800) 320-1616

In case of an emergency, contact 911

If the referring person is a mandated reporter, it is your responsibility to call Child Welfare Services (CWS) immediately to report any suspicion of any type of abuse or neglect: 1(800) 331-1585.

Does the student know this referral is being made?
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This form will be forwarded to:

Lincoln Elementary Erika Orgeta, Assistant Principal
Rocky Hill Elementary Joe Patterson, Assistant Principal
Wilson Middle School Alex Ericson, Counselor
Community Day School Beth Micari, Principal
Exeter Union High School Melissa Montes, Counselor (Students A-K)/Lisa Parkin, Counselor (Students L-Z)
Kaweah High School Christine Wegner, Counselor

This Confidential referral will be addressed by the Administrator/Counselor or referred to other support personnel. If the referral was made by someone other than the student or parent, acknowledgement of the referral will be made; however, no further information may be given due to rules of confidentiality.

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